About Us

Much more than just a tutoring service or college admissions consulting company, Brattle Street works with students from all over the world to help them achieve the short-term goals that will ultimately help them realize their long-term dreams. Our advisors make it their priority to facilitate students’ success not only in their academic endeavors but in building the habits and developing the mindsets that will empower them to flourish in the future. With fifteen years of experience and a team of highly knowledgeable and deeply committed tutors, mentors, and advisors, Brattle Street prides itself on giving each student the attention, direction, and support they need to support their individual goals.

Leelila Strogov, Founder and CEO

Leelila’s passion lies in helping students author their own personal stories that result from pursuing interests that are both unique and layered. Some of Leelila’s favorite success stories include a girl who used heavy metal music to inspire her Chinese calligraphy; a boy who was expelled from boarding school for hitchhiking across the country, but then went on to Harvard before practicing medicine in the rural South; and a girl, who without a single extracurricular activity, persuaded an admissions committee that despite her extreme introversion, she had much to offer their Ivy League community.

Leelila works with students around the world. Having lived in Europe and Asia, Leelila uses her international background and knowledge of various educational programs (e.g. AP, IB, GCSE, etc.) to help families prepare for and navigate their educational path.

Leelila earned her Bachelor of Science degree from MIT, and with dual interests in the humanities and sciences, draws from her experiences as a journalist, filmmaker, published author, and magazine editor to help motivate students to succeed no matter what their own personal interests may be.

Ernie Liang, President and COO

As a President of Brattle Street, Ernie’s favorite thing to do is to help students find unique ways to explore their interests. He’s helped students get into standup comedy, launch a literary magazine, conduct a humanitarian trip to North Korea, among other things. His own personal interests include teaching Krav Maga, reading David Foster Wallace’s non-fiction, learning how to smoke brisket from Aaron Franklin, and fantasizing about breaking 80 on the golf course.

Having earned degrees at MIT and Harvard Business School, Ernie found that he especially loved his classes in entrepreneurship and creativity. He’s been awarded five patents and has led companies in the education and technology sectors. As the CEO of Classroom24-7, he grew the company into a leading educational technology platform focused on healthcare education. He also served as a member of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s National Advisory Board.