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  • Thinkers and Feelers
    “Thinkers? How about feelers, too?” We have all heard (and often, heeded) the battle cries to give our children more. More time, more stuff, more whole foods, more activities, more everything. The call for more has jumped into the world of learning as well. Do kids need more sciences?
  • Transfer Letters of Recommendation
    If you’re getting ready to transfer to a new college for your junior or senior year, you probably want stunning letters of recommendation from your current professors: ideally, the kinds of letters that will help increase your odds of admission, get you the scholarships and grants you want, and
  • Deferred
    Applying season is an exciting time, and you’ve probably already picked out a dream school that meets all of your requirements. But what happens if you get a deferral letter from your top-choice school? Read on to learn more about what deferral means and what steps you should be
  • Transfer Applicant
    Transferring from one college to another is not as simple the regular admissions process. Universities use transfer students to fill enrollment gaps left by students who are not returning in the fall. Therefore, the few spots designated for transfer students are more competitive than those reserved for incoming freshmen.
  • What Are the Ivy League Schools’ Acceptance Rates in 2020?
    The Ivy League comprises eight universities and colleges: Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and Cornell University. (Obviously there are other highly selective and prestigious schools, such as MIT and Stanford, but only these eight are officially part of the
  • Safety Schools
    “Safety schools” are colleges at which you have a very high probability of being admitted (though there are no guarantees). Maybe your grades or scores place you well above the average range for that specific school; maybe the soccer coach or the conductor of the orchestra is dying to