Our Philosophy

Empowering You

How we work

Helping Students Create and Tell their own stories

Brattle Street works with new students to identify academic and extracurricular priorities, then organically and holistically develop a comprehensive and highly individualized plan that will help them further deepen their skills and talents, shore up their weaknesses, and achieve their goals. We recognize that no one’s future can or should be mapped out in advance. Young minds need the freedom to explore, grow, and discover. For this reason, Brattle Street prioritizes flexibility and focuses just as much on nurturing students as on helping them navigate their path. We help students figure out where they want to go, then work with them closely to ensure they’ll have the guidance they need to get there. Our services are available in person, online, or both.

Our Clients

We work with students from around the world

Brattle Street serves students from cities across the United States and the world including Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Because so many of our students are natives of China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand, we are highly attuned to the particular needs of international students from Asia. While many clients seek us out for help in one particular area or on one specific project, many more have been working with us for years on honing their skills and their candidacies in preparation for the admissions process. We have stood alongside students in their journeys from high school to summer internships to college to graduate school, then done it all again with their younger siblings! We are proud that so many Brattle Street students have gone on to achieve success at top universities and beyond.

Brattle Street Foundation

Opening Doors for every student

In a perfect world, the extra help and support that Brattle Street offers would be available to all students. In the service of advancing this future, we initiated the non-profit Battle Street Foundation, which provides guidance and counseling to students who would not otherwise be able to afford such services. The Brattle Street Foundation works with students through outreach, local schools, and by application to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders and innovators get every advantage possible today. If you are a student interested in our services and believe you qualify for a fee waiver, please fill out our contact form.